“After being the Head of Learning and Leadership at Twitter and working at several high-growth start-ups, I decided to pursue my passion and build my own programs on women’s leadership and mindfulness for working parents. I had the privilege of being a client of Jill’s and learning from her first hand. I’ve since landed several high profile corporate speaking engagements and my business continues to grow. What a gift Jill’s work is to the TED community and speakers everywhere! She’s a practical, insightful, brilliant coach and I wholeheartedly recommend her. I have referred several clients to her. Consider yourself lucky to work with her!”

Michelle Gale, M.A.
Advisor; Former Head of Leadership & Learning at Twitter, Wisdom 2.0

Jill was instrumental in every step of crafting my TEDx San Francisco talk: from finding the big idea I wanted to convey, to making a sharp script, to delivering a compelling narrative with passion to grab the audience.

When we worked together, she heard what I really wanted to say and helped me make the point across better –even if she wasn't the expert in my field! Her contributions were key to make my talk speak to a larger audience. Without her, I would not have walked into the stage with such confidence and a strong story to tell.

Mar Cabra
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist


I knew Jill was THE person who could help me craft a compelling keynote that would help me reach newer and bigger audiences. Her experience as a speaker and coach were invaluable as she guided me to create a TEDx style talk that would leave audiences thinking and wanting to take action.

What I love the most about working with Jill is her ability to pick up on things you might be overlooking. Jill is a brilliant mind. She's creative, insightful, strategic and understands what works (and what doesn't work) in the speaking world. I highly recommend her work.

Nancy Marmolejo
Personal Branding and
Social Media Marketing Speaker

I had my first-hand experience of learning from Jill. What a great experience it was. Jill is brilliant and fun and she helped me create key messaging and structure for my speaking gigs. Absolutely recommend Jill's training to any keynote or Tedx speaker who wants to learn structure that will give them freedom to be effective and natural.

Dr. Natasha Khazanov, Professor, UCSF
Professor of Neuroscience, UCSF


Jill is an experienced speaker coach who has worked with leaders and experts for many years. Speaker coaching is an essential part of a successful TEDx event. We have some of the top minds in the world at TEDxSanFrancisco and they need to work with a coach with deep experience whom they trust. We’re very happy with the work she’s done with our speakers and we will continue to work with her in the future.

Sam De Brouwer
Cofounder, COO doc.ai

Jill is one of my favorite people to work with because she brings energy, passion, and humor to every project. She blends subject matter expertise and people skills critical for her role as consultant, coach, and trainer. She delivers outstanding content and charms her audiences. Clients always ask for more Jill because she teaches practical skills while being engaging and entertaining. I trust her to delight clients and exceed expectations. I've worked with Jill since 2005, and I grab every opportunity to work with her because she’s that good!

Winny Ho
Executive Director, The Enterprise U


When Jill Wesley walks in my office, it is as if the fog clears and the sun comes out! With grace, power and ease, as a strategic adviser and presentation coach, Jill has helped me work through so many hard questions, each with it's corresponding impacts, while keeping it light and fun. A great gift to any leader, and to any company.

Jay Golden
Founder, Retellable
Author, Speaker

Over my 25+ year career in senior marketing positions for several major brands, I have done countless presentations. Preparing for a talk that is not business related and very personal to me proved to be a whole new challenge. Jill’s expertise, coaching and support in guiding me through this has been an amazing and life changing experience. In the process of learning how to develop a compelling talk and create an emotional connection with my audience, I also learned so much about myself that will not only make me a better speaker but a better leader as well. I can’t recommend
working with Jill highly enough. Thank you Jill!

Jennifer Arthurton
Vice President Financial Services at Bond Brand Loyalty


I have had the honor to work with Jill Wesley in preparation for my talk at TEDxSanFrancisco 2018. Jill leads her coaching with warmth, authenticity, and precision. She challenges me to not only give a talk, but also dive deep down into the personal narrative that helps me grow as a speaker, and as an individual.

Jill taught me to speak with intention and speak with my heart— where I can confidently stand on the stage and share my story with the audience. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the opportunity to work with Jill, and I will indeed champion her and the impact she creates for all future speakers and audiences.

Jessica Wen
Design Strategist
Keynote Speaker

Jill has been an amazing mentor and advocate to support my passion as a hearing health advocate. She's thoughtful, strategic, and your success is her main priority. I can't say enough wonderful things about her as a mentor and friend.

KR Liu
Accessibility Advisor, US Congressional Award Winner
Keynote Speaker

I specifically work with accomplished professionals who are already doing incredible work and now need to speak about it on bigger stages.

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