You know speaking is one of the best ways to grow your business. You know when the audience has the opportunity to experience you in person, they’re motivated to challenge the status quo and work with you. You know accolades are not enough, you want results.

You need strategic messaging and keynote design. You need a call to action that moves people. You need to find your best stories and case studies so your audience has a deeper experience. You need to identify compelling data and discern what the audience needs to hear.

You want to stand on the stage feeling confident, clear and connected to your audience. You want to be yourself because authenticity is what the audience craves. You want to look into the eyes of the audience tell them we’re all in this together. You want to ignite a movement.


People are hungry for a speaker like you. They want to know how to live more fully and run their businesses better.  They’re looking for ways to feel fulfilled and valued. They’re tired of the “one-hit-wonder” speakers who do the same canned "performance" they've been doing for 20 years. They’re frustrated by speakers who make their talks only about themselves and spend half their talk sharing their own "Hero's Journey." They’re bored by speakers who dump data on them without giving context and sharing a vision. They're angry because they feel ignored by too many speakers who fail to acknowledge the different lived experiences in this world. They’re jaded by speakers who use manipulative tactics to sell to them.


It's Time To Take Action.

The Signature Keynote

Design and deliver a powerful, strategic TEDx talk or keynote to amplify your thought leadership so you can have major impact and generate more business.

Science + Soul of Speaking

Receive intensive 1:1 coaching to develop your speaking content, offers and business strategy to get long-term clients you’ll love.
(By application only.)

Corporate Clients and
Event Organizers

Partner with me for event consulting, expert speaker coaching and source premier speakers to ensure your event is the go-to experience in your industry.

Jill Wesley has been my secret weapon. If you want to take your speaking from good to great, she’s the one who can take you there. She is a remarkably talented coach and has had a profound impact on my speaking platform and strategy.

I first met her through our mutual work with the TEDx organization in San Francisco and observed her abilities to take seasoned, talented speakers and help them transform into world-class speakers. I hired her as my speaker coach and have watched that transformation within my own abilities, yielding a 3x increase in speaking engagements and maturity of delivery, while being invited to some of the biggest stages in my industry and named a Top Influencer. I credit so much of that opportunity to the rigor and insight Jill provided me.

Jill is a unique voice with an exceptional skill set. She is a valuable, irreplaceable asset to both her personal and her corporate clients.
— Nicolle Paradise // TEDx San Francisco/ CX and Leadership, ADP

I Can Help You

I’m Jill Wesley and I'm the Pro Speaker Coach and I’ve taught the Science + Soul of Speaking ™ for 25 years.

I work with people at the top of their game.

My clients are experienced business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, authors and speakers who are the real deal. I help speakers in the fields of leadership, technology, science, journalism, pro sports, entertainment and social justice. Some of my clients have won Super Bowls, Pulitzer Prizes and Emmys®.  All of my clients are making a huge difference in the world.

Behind most great speakers is a great coach. Jill Wesley has been the coach for some of the very best. Jill is a force of nature. Her mission is to coach us to tell our stories in the most powerful way. Her flexibility and range are astonishing. She provides exactly what we need, when we need it. She looks you in the eye and helps you know ‘You’ve got this!’ She guides and coaches until you are touching hearts and minds with your story and she understands the “science and soul” of speaking. She truly is a master at her craft. I feel so lucky to be learning from Jill.
— Paul Allen Founder, / CEO,
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I had something to say and believed that Jill Wesley would be a way to validate the best way to say it. What I discovered, after working with Jill, was that I was not lacking in the words—but rather... in the courage. Jill showed me how to authenticate my voice and become, not just a spectator, but a participant in my journey to engage and inspire the audience. Jill gave permission for the words to be not just letters— but liberators.
— Yvonne Cagle, M.D., Ph.D. Astronaut, Col USAF, Ret. Aerospace Professor

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If you're ready to take your speaking career to the next level, schedule a free strategy session and we'll see if we're a good fit to work together. You bring your challenges and vision for the future and I'll map out an initial strategy to get you where you want to go.

Let's do this!